About Bryce

What City Did You Grow Up In:
San Francisco.

Where Did You Attend College:
The University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business.

What Is Your Business Background?
Investment Management, Morgan Stanley.

What Type Of Buyer Is Your Specialty:
Someone looking to capitalize on their investment.

What Kind Of Seller Is Your Specialty:
One who expects, and appreciates, the highest level of service, discretion, integrity & expertise.

What Are Your Hobbies/Interests:
Travel, Design, Physical Activity, Real Estate.

What Are Your Favorite Three Cities In The World Besides LA?
New York, Berlin, Tokyo.

Describe Your Real Estate Work Style:
Smart, discreet, decisive, savvy.

What Are Your Three Favorite LA Restaurants?
Matsuhisa, Madeo, Spago.

What Are Your Go-To Local Recommendations, or Attractions?
Maxfield, Little Beach House, The Broad.

Describe Yourself In Three Words:
Intelligent, thorough, thoughtful.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About LA?
It’s a city that can be whatever you choose to make it. More dreams come true in Los Angeles than any other city in the world.

Why Work With You?
I provide a tailored experience that differs client to client. Your best interest will never be compromised for the sake of a sale, and I provide access to a rolodex of the best in the industry, from general contracting to interior design. I specialize in off-market transactions and properties with upside potential of 30% or more. My job is to negotiate you the best deal on the buy, and the most on the sell.