I had lived in San Francisco for the last 12 years with no plans on moving. I met Bryce at a dinner party on a Friday evening, and by Sunday we were out looking at properties. I made an offer on a stunning home in Mandeville Canyon, moved in a month later and haven’t looked back. Thank you, Bryce, for showing me what I was missing out on!


My Business Manager recommended Bryce, as several of his other clients use him. I was very impressed by his discretion, professionalism and especially his taste. He showed me exactly what I was looking for and he got my old house sold quickly and off-market, which was my preference.


Bryce has the best taste of any real estate agent I have ever known… And he knows everything about building and renovating luxury homes. We started out working together by way of referral years ago and have since become close friends.


Bryce took the reins from day one and we were in contract on our new home in the Palisades less than a week later. We won the house in multiple offers even without being all cash. Bryce is the best!

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